Matthias Brun

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Research focus on: Real-Time Embedded Systems and Model Driven Development (MDD).

Modeling Real-Time (embedded) Operating Systems (RTOS).

Development of tools for real-time embedded systems deployment (based on structural and formal behavioural model design and generation, and code generation).




International Conference

  • Louis-Marie Givel, Jean-Luc Béchennec, Matthias Brun, Sébastien Faucou, Olivier H. Roux, "Testing real-time embedded software using runtime enforcement",  11th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems, IEEE SIES 2016, Krakow, Poland, May 23 - 25, 2016.
  • Louis-Marie Givel, Matthias Brun, Camille Constant, Sébastien Faucou, Olivier H. Roux, "Use of runtime enforcement for the test of real-time systems",  12th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems, IEEE ICESS 2015, New York, USA, August 24 - 26, 2015.
  • Frédéric Jouault, Olivier Beaudoux, Matthias Brun, Mickaël Clavreul, Guillaume Savaton, "Towards Functional Model Transformations with OCL", 8th International Conference on Model Transformation, ICMT 2015, L'Aquila Italy, July, 2015.
  • Cédrick Lelionnais, Jérôme Delatour, Matthias Brun, Olivier H. Roux, Charlotte Seidner, "Formal Composition based on Roles within a Model Driven Engineering Approach", 5th International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycl, VALID 2013, Venice, Italy, October 27 - November 1, 2013
  • Cedrick Lelionnais, Matthias Brun, Jérôme Delatour, Olivier H. Roux, and Charlotte Seidner. "Formal behavioral modeling of real-time operating systems". In 14th Int. Conf. Ent. Information Systems - Model Driven Development for Information Systems (MDDIS 2012), Wroclaw, Poland, 2012.
  • Matthias Brun, Jérôme Delatour, Yvon Trinquet, "Code Generation from AADL to a Real-time Operating System: An Experimentation Feedback on the Use of Model Transformation", 13th IEEE ICECCS 2008, UML&AADL Workshop, Belfast, UK, April 2008.
  • Matthias Brun, Thomas Vergnaud, Madeleine Faugere, Jérôme Delatour, "From UML to AADL: an Explicit Execution Semantics Modelling with MARTE", ERTS 2008, Toulouse, France, January 2008.

National Conference

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PhD Thesis



  • DEPARTS : French project - Brique Générique pour le Logiciel Embarqué, Investissement d'avenir, 2013-2016.
  • TopCased : PC Aerospace Valley 2006-2009.


PhD Advisor

  • Louis-Marie Givel, "Test de systèmes temps réel à l'aide du forçage en ligne", Thèse de doctorat, 16 décembre 2016, École Centrale de Nantes, Directeur de thèse : Olivier H. Roux, IRCCyN UMR CNRS 6597.

Teaching Activities

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Courses and tutorials

  • Software testing (french: Test logiciel - courses and tutorials - Master's degree) ;
  • Formal modeling (french: Modélisation formelle - courses and tutorials - Master's degree) ;
  • Dependability (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety) (french : Sûreté de fonctionnement - courses and tutorials - Master's degree) ;
  • Real-time scheduling (french: Ordonnancement temps réel - courses and tutorials - Master's degree) ;
  • C programming for embedded systems (french: Programmation C pour l'embarqué - courses and tutorials - Master's degree) ;
  • Android programming (french: Programmation Android - courses and tutorials - Master's degree) ;
  • UML specification and design (french: Specification et conception UML - tutorials - Licence and Master's degree) ;
  • Logic (french: Logique - tutorials - Licence's degree) ;
  • Logical circuits (french: Circuits logiques - tutorials - Licence's degree) ;
  • AMD and PIC microcontrollers programming (french: Programmation sur Microcontrôleurs AMD et PIC - tutorials - Licence's degree).



Available for students on the ESEO campus.

Just for fun: student video from end-of-studies project on self-balancing LEGO NXT vehicle using Trampoline-RTOSFrench version (WMA).